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Pitch your manuscript with confidence

£30 for two rounds of feedback on your query letter

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A query letter critique is for you if:

  • you’re preparing to pitch your manuscript to agents;
  • you’ve already sent out some queries but aren’t getting any requests;
  • you’ve written a query letter as a planning or revision tool and want some feedback to guide your next steps.

What can I offer you?

Query letters are notoriously difficult to get right, and the task can feel even harder when you’re so close to your story. I’ll be a fresh pair of eyes to give you an idea of the impression your query will make on an agent.

I will give you feedback on:

  • how compelling your premise and pitch are;
  • the impression given by your chosen comp titles;
  • whether the query shows that you understand genre expectations;
  • whether the query shows that your manuscript has all the core storytelling elements in place;
  • anything that is missing, unclear or might be a ‘red flag’ for an agent.

I will send you the first round of feedback within 10 working days. You’ll then have a month to send me your revised query letter for further feedback.

Why should you hire me?

During my time as a Pitch Wars mentor, I read hundreds upon hundreds of query letters and helped my mentees to craft and polish their own. I know what makes a query stand out from the pile, and I can point out areas that might cause agents to hesitate. I have also completed training on how to edit query letters with the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Take a look at a sample query critique (link opens in a new tab) I did for the Pitch Wars blog.

Ready to book?

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If you encounter any problems along the way, please contact me using the form below.

Pitch your manuscript with confidence

£30 for two rounds of feedback on your query letter

Book now

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