Manuscript Evaluation

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Get your revision process off to a stellar start, or get feedback on revisions you've already done. A manuscript evaluation is a detailed breakdown of where your novel excels and how you could make it even stronger.

  • One-on-one guidance on your manuscript, focusing on big-picture storytelling elements such as plot, structure, pacing, character arcs and worldbuilding.
  • Targeted, personalised feedback that takes into account your creative goals.
  • Tools for a stronger manuscript, new skills and more confidence in yourself as a writer.

Here's what you get

  • An extensive editorial report, containing a detailed assessment of your manuscript and suggestions about where to focus your revisions.
  • Up to an hour of follow-up guidance after receiving my feedback. This can be on anything from feedback on your new ideas to coming up with a step-by-step revision plan.
  • A personalised list of resources and reading recommendations for creative inspiration.

How it works

A manuscript evaluation looks at your work with broader brush strokes than a full edit. My feedback will focus on macro-level storytelling elements such as structure, character arcs and worldbuilding.

I'll read through your manuscript and write up an extensive report detailing what works well and what could work even better in your next draft. This will take 2–3 weeks. The report is typically around 8–12 pages long.

This process doesn't involve manuscript annotation, but the report may refer to example passages from your novel. It'll be up to you to apply the guidance to the rest of your manuscript, if you wish.

You'll have 2 weeks after receiving my evaluation to ask me for up to an hour's worth of further advice and guidance. This could be anything from feedback on your new ideas to coming up with a step-by-step revision plan. I can also provide guidance on your synopsis, blurb or query letter.